Join our effort to represent

every human alive.

The Population Project is a non-profit organization striving to compile a list of every human’s full name and date of birth. Strangely enough, in a time when information has never been so plentiful, we don’t know the name of the 7+ billion people with whom we share this planet.

The Population Project

Why The Population Project? Because all lives deserve to be represented. In a generation or two, most of us will be forgotten. The Population Project will keep a log of who lived when. It will be a resource for historians and genealogists alike. No record will ever be deleted.

The Population Project is looking for volunteers. Learn more about volunteering or contact us at

Contribute from anywhere

The Population Project cannot achieve its mission without contributions from all over the world. From Amanda in Brazil to Simon in Zambia, every volunteer helps us catalog another corner of the planet.