Our Mission

The Population Project is a nonprofit organization, whose goal is to record the full name and place and date of birth of all living humans.

Such an endeavor has never been attempted. Interestingly enough, in a time when information has never been so plentiful, we do not give much thought to the 8 billion people—individual people, each with their own name— who share this planet with us.


A Monumental Task

Impossible? Perhaps. Consider some of the challenges:

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    300,000 babies are born every day

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    Not all births are registered, which makes tracking them difficult

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    The information that we log is collected from multitudinous sources that must be cross-checked, again and again, for accuracy

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    Sources we gather data from may contain errors; typos are known to happen even in electoral records and graduation lists

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    The world is in constant flux. Borders move. Cities are renamed. The only enduring certainty is change

For all these impediments, we’re doing our best to express the incredible strength and diversity of the human race.

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How You Can Help

The Population Project is more than a site, it is a worldwide initiative. There are many ways you can help from sharing us on social media to sending us lists of people.