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The Population Project is more than a site.
It is a worldwide initiative.

Here’s how you can help:


Send Us Lists

The world map depicted on the home page should give you an idea of the countries where we need the most help. The ideal list is long, official, and contains some notion of birth year.

For more information, read our Volunteer handbook.

Counting your family members, friends, schoolmates, and colleagues, you probably know a few hundred people. It’s up to you to see them all on the Population Project! Look them up one by one on the site. If their record is incomplete, enrich it. If it doesn’t exist yet, create it! It takes less than a minute and you’ll be given the opportunity to notify your friend.


Edit Records


Help Us Create Some Buzz

We’re an ambitious enterprise with the budget of a nonprofit. We are not asking you for money but to become an ambassador of the Population Project

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    Notify your friends when you find them on the site

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    Follow us on social media

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    Tell us what you like and dislike on the site

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    Visit our Blog.

Treat us like a staple of the web, because that’s what we aim to become.

Got Any Special Talents?

We're looking for people with particular skillsets:

Machine Learning


Privacy Law

Public Relations

If you think you can contribute inside or outside of these fields, please contact us.

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