Our Team

The Population Project is a US-based non-profit organization, started and funded by former novelist and entrepreneur Antoine Bello.

We don’t have offices. Our 15 employees all work remotely and are scattered around the world in the following positions:

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    Programming, mostly in North America. Our databases run on 4D, our site on Next.js. Our design in done with love in Seattle.

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    Name sourcing, all over the world. We procure official and non-official lists wherever they are available.

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    Cleaning up and formatting lists to our exacting standards requires amazing dedication.

Madagascar Team

Our team in Madagascar

Our Values


Many countries do not make their census results public; the ones that do typically have a decades-long lag in reporting. In contrast, the Population Project is not beholden to any bureaucracy.


We collect the minimum information to distinguish billions of people from another: your full name, and place and date of birth—nothing more. We know that you exist and it is enough for us. We will never ask for your email address or your occupation.



Bishops, robbers, janitors: for the Population Project, they are humans first and foremost. This is why you will never see how a name got into our database.

Our Volunteers

This project wouldn't be possible without our network of volunteers.


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We consider ourselves a decentralized organization, on the model of Wikipedia. If for the moment most of our content comes through long lists, we hope that over the years our users will take on the mantle and add more and more names themselves.

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How You Can Help

The Population Project is more than a site, it is a worldwide initiative. There are many ways you can help from sharing us on social media to sending us lists of people.