Why The Population Project?


Antoine Bello · August 2, 2022

We get asked this question all the time. Why would you collect the names and birth information of all humans on earth?

Simply put, because every life deserves to be acknowledged.

It is estimated that one billion people - 15% of the world’s population - has no legal existence whatsoever. They cannot vote, travel, open a bank account. The Population Project might not reverse the legal plight of these people but it can give them that doesn’t cost much but means a lot: dignity.

Besides that, ID or not, in a generation or two, most of us will be forgotten. The Population Project will keep a log of who lived when. It will be a resource for historians and genealogists alike. No record will ever be deleted.

Last but not least, in a time when the human race is fighting for its survival, doesn’t it seem odd that we don’t know the name of our neighbors on this planet?